Jan 15, 2020

Dec 24, 2019 Study: North Korea, China, and Russia top internet Jan 15, 2020 Internet usage in South Korea - Statistics & Facts | Statista South Korea is known for having one of the fastest internet networks around the world. Paired with the high availability of high-speed internet, it is no surprise that around 91.8 percent of South [SALE] 4G Pocket WiFi Rental for South Korea from KT Olleh

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North Korea, the surveillance state | Amnesty International UK Phone calls and internet activity are monitored by ‘Bureau 27’ in North Korea’s State Security Department. The unit specialises in covert intelligence, and uses sophisticated equipment to detect mobile phone frequencies. The repercussions for citizens found to be making … North Korea’s main airport now has Wi-Fi — sort of | The Star

North Korean authorities have declared that foreign embassies, officials and international NGOs working in country can no longer use WiFi to connect to the internet, citing interests of national security. Satellite internet access, which allows for foreigners to send information and data at almost no risk of interception from local authorities, will only be possible […]

North Korea's internet is as weird as you think it is Nov 10, 2017 North Korea’s Internet Use Surges, Thwarting Sanctions and Feb 09, 2020 Starlink: an uncensored internet solution for North Korea