Здесь вы можете скачать любую версию, от новейшей 4.6.1 до давно устаревшей 1.0. Установка .NET Framework требуется для работы многих программ.

How to remove and reinstall the Microsoft .NET Framework in order to correct a problem with Autodesk software, such as a "general failure" during installation (due to a conflict with installer prerequisites) or any type of misbehavior or crash during normal operation. The .NET Framework cannot be uninstalled on Windows 8 and 10. It can be removed from Windows 7 and older systems What Is the .NET Framework, and Why Do I Need It? One problem .NET installations often run into is a need for space, even if your system might not make that explicit. The 4.0 version of .NET for standard 32-bit Windows systems requires 850 MB of NET Framework 4.0 Descargar Aplicacion Gratis para Windows NET Framework 4.0 fue desarrollador en el 2010 por Microsoft dedicado para programar aplicaciones específicos y habilitar programas de windows como Visual Studio o el clásico Windows Movie Maker.Con anterioridad se ha lanzado la versión 4 junto con la aplicación Visual Studio 2010. Microsoft .NET Framework - Free download and software Run and develop applications targeting NET Framework. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 is a full cumulative update that contains many new features building incrementally upon .NET

NET Framwork. یکی از کامپوننت های مهم ویندوز است و اگر .NET Framework در کامپیوتر شما نصب نباشد با مشکل مواجه می شوید. کاربران مشکلات مختلفی را در مورد NET Framework. گزارش کرده اند که شامل موارد زیر است:

The command “/featurename:Net-FX3” should actually be “/featurename:NetFX3”, that dash in the command in the original post and in the batch file was the problem for me. I removed it and the installation was completed without a problem. Noticed it when I saw that the file name in the sxs folder contains “netfx3” with out the dash. .Net Framework 3.5 offline Installer download Nov 17, 2018

.Net Framework 3.5 offline Installer download

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