The sudo command in CentOS provides a workaround by allowing a user to elevate their privileges for a single task temporarily.. You have two options to grant sudo access to a user. The first one is to add the user to the sudoers file. This file contains information that defines which users and groups are granted with sudo privileges, as well as the level of the privileges.

How to add or delete a samba user under Linux – The Geek Diary Follow the steps givenbelow to add user john and give him the access to a samba share. Adding a Linux user account. One way for a user to browse a Samba share is have a UNIX account on the Samba server. This is done via the commands ‘useradd [username]‘ and ‘passwd [username]‘. If you already have the user account created on the system How to Manage File and Folder Permissions in Linux So, if you are user Bethany, you cannot make changes to files and folders owned by Jacob without the help of root (or sudo). For example: A new folder was created on a data partition called /DATA/SHARE. Both users Bethany and Jacob need read and write access to this folder. There are a number of ways this can be done (one of which would be to How to create user and group on CentOS system? - Tutorial Mar 17, 2015

Jun 03, 2019

How to Add User to root Group on CentOS 5/CentOS 6 Depending on the command line option, useradd command will update system files and also can create new user’s home directory. In this article, I will explain to you how to create a user then add it to the particular group in CentOS 5 and CentOS 6. Prior to that , this article assumes that the server CentOS 5 or CentOS 6 has been fully installed. How to Create Users in Linux Using the 'useradd' Command

Jun 19, 2020

Mar 29, 2016 How to Add and Delete Users on CentOS 7 | Linuxize Apr 08, 2020 How To Add and Delete Users on CentOS 8 – devconnected Adding a user on CentOS 8 using adduser. The first way to add users on CentOS 8 is to use the adduser command. The adduser is very similar to the useradd command but it provides a more interactive way to add users on your CentOS 8 server. In general, you want to use adduser rather than useradd (as recommended by the useradd man page itself)