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How we made search private. You can’t beat Google when it comes to online search. So we’re paying them to use their brilliant search results in order to remove all trackers and logs. The result: The world’s best and most private search engine. Only now you can search without ads following you around, recommending products you’ve already

9 Best Anonymous Search Engines That Don't Track You Like Well, Google’s popular because you cannot beat the accuracy of Google searches. Having said that, there are search engines that are as accurate as Google and don’t even risk your privacy. So, here are the best private search engines for you. Best Anonymous Search Engines 1. DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo is the most popular search engine in this list. Data Privacy Controls - Google Safety Center For example, without ever leaving Search, you can review and delete your recent search activity, get quick access to relevant privacy controls from your Google Account, and learn more about how Search works with your data. You can access these controls in Search, Maps, and the Assistant. Your data in YouTube coming soon; Go to Your data in Search

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Want to browse the web privately? Here’s how to do it for real May 01, 2017 Remove Private Searching (Google Chrome) | MalwareFixes Private Searching is a Google Chrome browser extension that can be installed without approval from user. It normally sneaks onto the computer alongside freeware or dubious third-party applications. Users are not aware that simply downloading freeware from unknown sources can cause adware such as Private Searching to enter the computer discretely. TOP: Best Private Search Engines in 2020! | NordVPN Jun 12, 2020 Google in $5bn lawsuit for tracking in 'private' mode