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Windows Server 2008 End of Support - Active Directory and DNS Migration ‎01-16-2020 01:00 AM January 14th 2020 has come and gone which means unless you have either migrated your 2008 servers and their workloads to Azure (to get free security updates) or you have purchased an extended support agreement - you now have the situation of having to Clean up AD DS server metadata | Microsoft Docs Before Windows Server 2008, you had to perform a separate metadata cleanup procedure. You can also use the Active Directory Sites and Services console (Dssite.msc) to delete a domain controller's computer account, which also completes metadata cleanup automatically. How to Restore A Deleted Active Directory User Account in How to Restore A Deleted Active Directory User Account in Windows Server 2008. When we delete a user account from Active Directory, whether on purpose or not, it won’t be removed immediately from AD database. Instead, it is hidden and preserved in someplace called Deleted Objects. How to Install Active Directory on Server 2008

Supported Active Directory environments The following table identifies the Active Directory environments that Exchange can communicate with. An Active Directory server refers to both writable global catalog servers and to writable domain controllers.

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Windows Server 2008 R2 includes a new data management tool for AD DS, called Active Directory Administrative Center. The Active Directory Administrative Center is built on Windows PowerShell and How To Install Active Directory On Windows Server 2008